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1-2-1 Dog Training

1-2-1 Dog Training Newcastle Upon Tyne

1-2-1 Training Provides a Variety of Services


Does your dog keep sniffing around the house?
Are they getting bored of the same routine?
A dog’s sense of smell is their strongest sense; it allows them to understand their environment more. We can interact with our dogs on a greater-level by incorporating this into games / training.
At Smart Dogs, we want to see the dogs reach their full potential.
Why not teach them to sniff out their favourite treats or favourite toy? Who knows, next they’ll be finding your keys for you! It’s fun for you and your dog.


Does your dog run away when they’re off the lead? Or chase other dogs in the park?
At Smart Dogs we teach all the puppies / dogs the 5 most important commands in dog training: “sit”; “stay”; “down”; “leave”; and “come here”. To start, we always teach new commands indoors where they feel most comfortable. without any distractions. As they begin to understand commands, we challenge the dog by taking them outside and perform the commands under distractions (i.e. cars, buses, people, walking, loud noises, new smells).


Does your dog steal household items or come to your plate when you’re eating? Are they running out of the door before walks? We also teach them house manners. Showing them how we expect them to behave indoors as it makes our lives easier and the dog’s life stress free.


Do you want let your dog off the lead in the park? Do you trust that they will come back when called? We train your dog to obey commands, on-leash and off-leash. After all, we do like to have a stroll around the park without having to hold onto our dogs, and seeing them play freely makes dog owners happy. This allows dogs to have fun exploring while enabling the owner to know that the dog will listen to our commands.