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From An Early Age

Way back before starting Smart Dogs Training in Newcastle, when Milan was just 7 years old, his uncle had a German Shepherd who he will never forget. He fell in love with him the moment he met him. Spending weeks with Diesel, Milan knew he wanted a dog for himself who he could train.
Sadly, his family refused as they believed he wouldn’t be able to cope with the responsibility. Instead, they told him to get a university degree and a job. So he did just that.


17 years later, once Milan completed his degree in Engineering, he bought his first puppy, a Belgian Malinois! Little did he know how challenging it would be. However, he found it highly rewarding as he began to understand how and why dogs behave the way they do.
Milan faced many challenges with his own dog which he found frustrating and extremely stressful. After he started to attend numerous classes, online seminars and read books he began to understand more of the canine behaviour and began to overcome many problems himself, which he found highly satisfying. He knew he’d like to do the same for others.
To gain a deeper understanding of more complex behaviours, Milan began to study the science behind why dogs behave they do and began to help the dogs in his local area. After seeing the transition from frustrated and upset dog owners to happy and playful ones he became obsessed in helping other dog owners in the North East.


Welcome to Smart Dogs Training

Milan enjoys the satisfaction of witnessing dogs progress and wants to help more people as it brings him immense joy seeing others improve their relationships with their dogs. This is why he now helps dogs all over the world overcome challenging behaviours through his Online Training Program 

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