Milan Shukla, Founder



When I was 7 years old my uncle in India had a German Shepherd, Diesel. I fell in love with him the moment I met him. I stayed there for 3 weeks and trained/played with him. From that day on I knew I wanted a dog of my own, to train and love.

Sadly, my parents refused as they thought I didn’t have it in me to look after a dog so they told me to get a degree and a job.



18 years later, once I completed my degree in Engineering, I bought my first puppy, a Belgian Malinois! What a first dog to get. It was incredibly challenging but rewarding as I got to understand how & why dogs behave the way they do. I attended numerous classes, training schools, online seminars and read books to understand canine behaviour. I’ve been training my dog, Milo, for almost 2 years now in my local area. I often had people approaching me asking me where I had him trained. Once I told them I trained him myself, they requested some help with their dogs As I began to help people around the local park out, I enjoyed seeing dogs progress over time and wanted to help more people out. There is no better feeling than seeing other people have a nice time with their dog.



I enjoyed the satisfaction of witnessing the dogs progress over time and wanted to help more people out as it brings me joy seeing other people improve their relationships with their dogs. 

I took a few courses and learned more behaviour of all canines, from small to large and of all breeds. This gave me a better understanding of why certain dogs behave the way they do and helped me understand that they all have different needs. 

This led to me starting my own training school – Smart Dogs Training Ltd. This service provides high quality training to all clients to ensure the dogs lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. We use a purely positive outlook-based training to ensure dogs feel safe & comfortable.