Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These T&Cs apply to all sessions – please note that by booking and engaging in sessions, that you are fully agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Light support
Premium support
Dog Walking
Group classes
Online coaching

Note that this is the agreed amount of sessions in each package, and we are unable to swap the number of in-person/zoom sessions – unless you request a personalised package which we will be able to discuss further with you. Please note there may be extra charges for these.

We expect all packages to be completed within 4 weeks of the first session date.

Booking, Payment and Cancellations
Block bookings

If a block booking has been made then these are locked in once booked. Only one session out of the block can be arranged and this is to be made 48 hours before the session commences. After that, if a session can’t be attend to, the slot will be missed and you will not be refunded


In case of bad weather (heavy rain or too hot) we will take each session in your home if appropriate. If not, sessions may be cancelled and rearranged to a more suitable time – but please note that there may be a short wait as we are often very busy!

Out of Hours Support
Once you have purchased one of our training packages we are able to offer 24/7 WhatsApp support to help you make the most of your training journey – and it allows us to ensure that our sessions are fully tailored to your needs. We strive to get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note, the WhatsApp service ends as soon as you have finished your final paid session.

Owner Commitment and Behaviour
At the sessions, you agree to fully engage with the trainer as well as your dog to the best of your ability. You agree to understand that there is no quick fix in altering your dog’s behaviour and understand that these changes may take several sessions before your dog is to the standard where you’d like them to be. You also agree to avoid implementing other methods as seen on YouTube, TV or even books as the methods may conflict and not align with the methods our trainer uses. If you’d like to carry them forward please liaise with the trainer before doing so.

Training Techniques
All training methods carried out use positive reinforcement. No check chains, e-collars or prong collars will be used or allowed at sessions. Force-free methods will be applied throughout the course of the sessions.

In the case of handling aggressive dogs, our experienced trainer won’t take the dog from the owner unless the dog acts in an uncontrolled manner then only the trainer will step in. Other than that, the trainer will be explaining to the handler what to do as of when.

Children are allowed at sessions, however, we ask that they sit/stand quietly at the side watching for the full session to prevent any distractions to the dog. If too young, we please ask them to stay at home

Social Media, Marketing & Photography
Photographs & Videos are sometimes taken during the sessions, with full permission of the owner. These photographs and videos are property of Smart Dogs Training and will be shared on our social media, as well as marketing materials, so please inform us with 24 hours notice before the session if you would rather photographs and videos weren’t taken.

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