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!Milan ensures that you are the centre of your dogs world. He has taught many people how to interact with their dog using only positive methods which, in turn, builds a stronger bond between the dog and the owner.

He enjoys the satisfaction of witnessing dogs progress over time and has developed an obsession with helping more people improve their relationships with their dogs.  After all, we know how much joy a dog brings to a home.

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Helping dog owners across the North East

Milan has helped many dog owners across the North East and continues to do so

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Kirsten Grimes
Kirsten G.
13:43 14 Jan 22
I’ve had 2 sessions up until now with Milan and the change in my chocolate lab is unbelievable. Never thought he’d be able to walk nicely on the lead but him and Milan have proved me wrong! He’s always just a text away if you have any question and no question is a silly question. Would definitely recommend!
Dad Poo
Dad P.
12:16 29 Dec 21
Milan was so quick to identify our Dogs Glen issues and within the hour we understood what we needed to do . He was patient even when we got it wrong !! We will continue training when we get back home as it will be easier for all of us with less distractions but we are confident that he will be walking on the lead without pulling. We know that Milan will be available to us if we have questions which is really reassuring. Would definitely recommend his services !
Vanshika Rajput
Vanshika R.
20:38 22 Dec 21
I was struggling with my dog and Milan was recommended to me by one of my friends. Extremely pleased with Smart Dogs Training. He was always there's for support and when he came he was thorough with his explanations to any questions and we could tell he was experienced. His replies over message were brill even when we weren’t due another session for a while, always there to help. If your struggling with your dog Milan is the guy you want. He's reliable, engagable and the knowledge he has to offer is fantastic. 100% recommended.
J.A.Y Productions
J.A.Y P.
18:51 22 Dec 21
I was struggling with my dog and Milan was recommended to me by one of my friends. Extremely pleased with Smart Dogs Training. He was always there's for support and when he came he was thorough with his explanation and could tell he was experienced. If your struggling with your dog Milan is the guy you want. He's reliable, engagable and the knowledge he has to offer is fantastic. 100% reccomend
Heather Archer
Heather A.
17:57 16 Dec 21
⭐️ I continue to use Milan for support with my two dogs and I’m yet to be disappointed! Everything I’ve already learnt I’ve been able to use with my new puppy. I feel I’ve learnt valuable skills and I can understand the reasoning behind all of Milan’s suggestions. Milan is so down to earth and knows what he’s talking about so my trust in him is high. If my funds allowed I would use him much more than I do. As they don’t, I make the most out of my sessions and Milan is wonderful at providing me with all I need in the time I have. Milan has also been brilliant at answering a couple of my questions over WhatsApp. I’ll always use Milan for my training needs, really pleased I found his page. Life changer for me and subsequently my dogs!
21:25 09 Dec 21
Milan has been working with us since we got our German shepherd puppy at 8 weeks old. As this was our first dog we weren't really experienced on how to train him. We contacted Milan and he was with us straight away. He is one amazing dog trainer. He explains every thing so well to us and our pup Tyson. Milan responds to questions very quickly over the phone if we are unsure about certain things. We highly recommend Milan at Smart Dogs Training.
Jessie Kaur
Jessie K.
16:30 02 Dec 21
Milan has helped so much with my Rottweiler Denzel’s leash walking and reactivity in just 2 sessions Definitely recommend!
janet wilkinson
janet W.
20:42 01 Dec 21
I was recommended Milan through a friend. She only needed him for a few sessions for her dog. When Milan came to see us it was apparent very quickly that a lot of work needed done with our puppy. Milan immediately put me at ease reassuring me that it was all possible, but was very clear that the work needed to be put in. It also became very clear that he would be teaching me the tools as the owner the get the best from our puppy rather than actually training the dog and boy was he right!! It has been really hard graft and is still ongoing but so worth every minute of my time. Repetitiveness and consistency is certainly the key. Milan has been there at the drop of a hat for advice and checks in to ensure you are happy and not having any problems. I can't believe I am saying this but our puppy is actually becoming a joy to live with. There is still a lot of work to do and I will continue using Milan to tackle those areas. Remember folks a dog is for life and investing in them will only bring your dog and your family so much happiness, but be prepared to put the work in. A fabulous service and I highly recommend! Thanks Milan 🙌
Jackie McGurk
Jackie M.
17:11 01 Dec 21
Impressive results from the start, had some issues with lead walking & recall. Milan explained exactly how to interact with my dog to show her what was needed from her. As with everything, practice makes perfect & that is up to me now, however, I can get in touch with Milan at anytime for a few pointers/reminders.
YQ Shek
00:17 30 Nov 21
Milan is great trainer, my puppy loves being with him.We learnt a lot of tricks from Milan and he helped us as a first time dog owner.
Susan Hall
Susan H.
06:21 26 Nov 21
Been working with Milan for a short while now and I’m so impressed with his professionalism, work ethic but more so his patience, he has this in abundance. Nothing deters him, he will work until he finds a solution that works for the owner and much more importantly the dog. Maya has made great progress with Milan, and so have I, can’t recommend him enough.
Shaun Wills
Shaun W.
14:54 24 Nov 21
Definitely recommend this lad. As he was fantastic with my boy.Had some problems with my GSD Pup after he got attacked then after that he got really reactivate towards other dogs now he can walk past with being a crazy dog. he was excellent at teaching me more than the dog what to do his knowledge is 2nd to none.
Rachael Jones
Rachael J.
11:48 24 Nov 21
Milan was great with Vinnie! Vinnie was challenging to say the least, but this did not deter Milan! He persevered and now it’s like we have a different dog! Highly recommended 🙂
Patricia Patten
Patricia P.
09:00 24 Nov 21
Milan is really easy to get along with ..we have Two crazy German shepherd pups..he had them sitting listening to him within minutes ..His own god is really well trained..if ours get to anything like Milo ..well that would be great.
Kelsie Wakenshaw
Kelsie W.
09:47 23 Nov 21
Milan has just recently started working with us and our dog Shane, so far we are extremely happy with the work he’s doing with our dog. Before finding Smart Dogs Training we were really struggling to get support with our new pup, he’s offered support to my Mam who was really struggling with Shane’s behaviour, after seeing Milan’s work I am confident we’ve picked the right dog trainer and I hope he continues to work with us until we train Shane.Milan sees how much my Mum was struggling with Shane’s behaviour and has been fair and very reasonable in regards to the pricing off sessions.Thanks to Smart dogs training! 😁
James Williams
James W.
20:59 22 Nov 21
Milan came at pretty short notice, we were having terrible problems with our 4 month old cocker spaniel puppy.However with just 1 hour in his company, his very calm and measured approach has helped us out an immeasurable amount and made our lives so much more complete.I would recommend/vouch for his services to anyone who was in the same situation as myself.Top class.
17:07 19 Nov 21
Milan was brilliant, very helpful and effective. Reading training techniques online can be very conflicting and we picked up some bad methods which Milan put right and explained where we had gone wrong. Would highly recommend!
Stevie Surtees
Stevie S.
18:07 22 Oct 21
Highly recommend. Booked one hour with Milan to explain what we wanted to get from training. Milan was so good with Lola and taught us a lot in just the first session. Just finished a block of three sessions and the difference with us and Lola is amazing. Just booked another three to work on extra things.
Rachel Johnston
Rachel J.
15:41 22 Oct 21
We received tailored training specific to our puppy’s current needs. Milan was brilliant, providing sound advice to help train our puppy Ruby. Can’t thank Milan enough for all his help and guidance….. an Amazing dog trainer.
Nicola Muir
Nicola M.
07:25 15 Oct 21
Excellent one to one training with our 8 month old cavapoo. Seeing great results after only a few days. Definitely recommend. Thank you again.
Damon Hew
Damon H.
16:06 07 Oct 21
Really knowledgable and clear, made progress after only one session, would highly recommend.
Craig Daglish
Craig D.
19:29 04 Oct 21
After having issues introducing a new puppy with our existing 1 year old dog I found Milan’s details and booked an initial session. Milan’s impact was instant literally within 10 mins of the first session we started seeing results. Milan clearly understands dog psychology & behaviour and has a number of techniques to deal with all situations. He explains everything clearly so you can carry on practicing following each session. We decided to book further sessions and have seen huge improvements with both our dogs in the last 4-5 weeks. Would 100% recommend to other dog owners.
Esther Shields
Esther S.
08:48 03 Oct 21
Amazing trainer. I enjoy walking my dogs now and my youngest dogs anxiety has got so much better.My home is happier and I feel I have complete control of my dogs. I practice everyday and it's working. I would recommend smart dogs training to anyone.
Abigail Jukes
Abigail J.
13:29 02 Oct 21
Milan was very friendly and helpful. I already see a big improvement within my dog after just one training session with Milan. Highly recommend Smart Dogs Training👌
Joanne Eschle
Joanne E.
16:27 16 Sep 21
Milan was brilliant my main issue with my dog was recall he had him coming back to him within minutes of starting his training was excellent at explaining the technique and showing me what to do I would definitely recommend him
13:49 16 Sep 21
Milan is a wonderful dog trainer he listened to what we having problems with our German Shepherd and he tailored the training to our needs as well as our dogs needs and her personality. We have recommended Milan to others and would highly recommend him to you too.
mary pickering
mary P.
10:18 10 Sep 21
Milan is a wonderful trainer for dogs and their humans. He is very patient and helpful. Thank you Milan for your help with Milo.
pamela green
pamela G.
16:14 07 Sep 21
Milan turned up spot on time, and had Sam calmed within the first minute, he was really clear with his instructions, to me and the pup and has given me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel!!. 15 mins in, Sam was in his crate, and even lay down, which is a first. Milan explained that it is all down to me, being calm will make Sam calm and he will get to know what I want him to do.Thanks Milan, I now feel I might manage a well trained dog, eventually. Can't recommend him enough
Lynda Banson
Lynda B.
16:49 04 Sep 21
We were so impressed with Milan’s dog training today. We took our 4 year old dog Snoop, who normally goes crazy when he sees another dog, yet by the end of the hour session he seemed to be acting like a model dog. This just goes to show how Milan’s knowledge and expertise enables him to communicate so well with animals, and in a very short time modify the dog’s behaviour. As Milan explained, it is now down to us, to use the information and advice he has given us, and try to reinforce the positive behaviour. I particularly like this treat based training, as it shows real empathy for the welfare of the dog. Also, there was no pressure to book further training, as Milan told us we could contact him with any questions, and if needed, we could book further training if we felt it was still needed. We were so impressed and would thoroughly recommend this to anyone looking for a great dog trainer. Lynda
Paul Banson
Paul B.
15:49 04 Sep 21
I took my Jack Russell , Snoop to see Milan at Smart Dogs Training , I was really impressed with Milan’s methods , he was also showing me and my sister what we should be doing , Snoop enjoyed his hour with Milan too 👍 I will continue to do what Milan has told me to do , I would definitely recommend Smart Dogs Training 🐶 👍 👍 👍
iuli Bertolini
iuli B.
09:56 03 Sep 21
My name's Iuli.I chose Milan to train my dog, after I got to know facebook and mainly reading the reviews.My dog ​​is 7 years old and had never gone through training, and everything Milan taught helped me a lot to know how to act so that I can walk more smoothly with my dog.Milan is very professional, attentive, patient and the sessions were excellent.I recommend Milan's work with all my certainty.
Helen Keating
Helen K.
19:25 30 Aug 21
Milan was excellent with quick results. No easy task with 2 very different dogs, our 11 month old tiny Maltipoo and our nearly 5 year old King Charles Cavalier, both of whom took to Milan almost instantly. Milan gave very helpful tips to calm both dogs when meeting other dogs and getting both of them to come when called. After 2 sessions we’ve still got a lot of work to do, but at least we know what we are doing and know that we can call on Milan again if needed.
Jill Dorothy
Jill D.
16:35 22 Aug 21
We have been working with Milan now for a few months now and would highly recommend him. Even after our first session we saw a significant improvement. I personally felt more in control as I knew how to handle certain behaviours and situations. I have been telling everyone about him. He has helped us to understand how a dog thinks and why they behave in a certain way which is a great help when training. We still have some work to do with leash walking but we are getting there and am confident Milan will help us crack it. He is very patient, reliable and professional and always at the end of the phone whenever we need him. We can't thank you enough Milan 5*!!
Christine Gourley
Christine G.
17:10 17 Aug 21
After two sessions with Milan myself and my dogAlfie I am very impressed with Smart Dogs.Milan has the patience of a Saint .Three more to go cant wait to learn more
Arlene Robinson
Arlene R.
16:55 17 Aug 21
We contacted Milan to help us with our 6 month old Cockapoo. We were worried about letting her off her lead due to poor recall and distractions. She was also pulling on her lead and jumping up at other dogs.From the first time he met her he gained her attention immediately and everything he said made sense.We left each lesson with techniques to work on and it definitely did the trick. She is still work in progress but his guidance is getting us there. Certainly worthwhile if you need help with dog behaviour.
amanda graydon
amanda G.
16:08 15 Aug 21
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Milan. He has a gentle yet direct manner which I really liked. His communication beforehand was good, his explanations during the lesson were clear and he welcomed questions throughout to aid understanding. He clearly knows his stuff.
Kev Miller
Kev M.
19:30 13 Aug 21
We contacted Milan about our patterdale terrier Max. He was constantly pulling on the lead and had behavioural issues with other dogs and a poor recall, Max also got very hyper and excited when visitors came to the house. From our first session the differences in Max was amazing, introducing a structure for Max and the family massively helped. As the sessions developed Max’s progress with recall and other dogs and pulling on the lead improved dramatically, he now even let’s go of his ball 🏀 during play time too👍 Milan is very calm and takes his time to explain and help every bit of the way throughout the sessions and also if needed over the phone. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Milan and Smartdogs if you need advice or help.Cheers Milan 👍 keep up the great work 👍 🐕 looking forward to the group sessions.
skarparis yk
skarparis Y.
09:26 11 Aug 21
Milan is very good and makes everything simple for you. He shows you how it can be done and gives you good tips for training. Our dog was so well behaved with him - we just need to put it into practice!
Carla Dowling
Carla D.
14:53 07 Aug 21
Smart Dogs Training is a great training place. Needed somewhere that it could be done online and this was the perfect place! Helped my puppy become the well behaved girl she is today. Milan was incredibly helpful and always willing to answer any questions.
Joanne Crooks
Joanne C.
18:24 06 Aug 21
I would definitely recommend Smart Dogs Training, Milan is so helpful and took his time showing us what to do with our dog. He explains and shows you things thoroughly and makes you feel at ease. Our dog has definitely improved and continues to do so!
Rachael Mowat
Rachael M.
18:52 28 Jul 21
We would highly recommend Smart Dogs Training to anyone. Our 18 month old Cocker was pulling on his lead and practically walking us, walks had to be off lead as it was becoming a strain to be pulled as much. We booked in with Milan and felt he made a big effort to get to know us all before we began. Joey was a bit uncomfortable at first and Milan immediately recognised this and changed his plan to accommodate it. We worked really hard for the whole session and we felt that we could get in touch afterwards, no question was a problem. We’ve seen a huge difference in our walks in only one session and can’t wait to keep working with Milan!
Matthew Thompson
Matthew T.
17:26 23 Jul 21
We tried everything to train Henry to not bark and to not pull on the lead with no luck. Within 3 sessions Henry has improved so much and very pleased with the training.
Christine Jordan
Christine J.
16:32 09 Jul 21
Milan, has been a great help in helping with my lab who has separation anxiety. A few weeks ago I couldn't leave her alone as she got very distressed. With help and support from Milan my lab will now settle for 30 mins alone without getting stressed.
Philip Butler
Philip B.
07:19 09 Jul 21
We reached out to Milan for help with our 10 month Springer Ozzy who was pulling on the lead and had virtually no recall. Over the last 4 sessions Milan has developed a strong bond with our dog, and we have seen improvements in his recall and leash walking as well as his general behaviour and responsiveness to our commands. We would recommend Milan to anyone thinking about getting some training for their dog.
Paul Sharp
Paul S.
18:00 07 Jul 21
We have been working with Milan to train out some poor habits our Cockapoo has got into over lockdown. Milan is a legend, our dog is transfixed and Milan gives really good, sensible advice that can actually be put into practice. If we consistently do what Milan advises we will absolutely see results and we already are, it’s training for us more than for the dog!If you need help that works, Milan’s your man!
Gemma Guyatt
Gemma G.
17:41 07 Jul 21
Would highly recommend smart dogs training to anybody! Milan is always on hand for any questions or concerns you have whilst carrying out homework in between lessons and will try all methods to make sure your dog is benefiting from the training. I’m only half way through my training with my puppy but I am very happy with the results so far!
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