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Dog & Puppy Training Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

What We Offer

1-2-1 Training

A fantastic way to ensure clients get bespoke training plans, the ability to ask specific questions for their situation, and assistance with practicing certain training techniques

Group Classes

Allows dogs to socialise and learn how to behave/respond with external distractions. This helps dogs fully focus on their owners and understand what is being asked of them.

Online Coaching

Is your dog having trouble with specific commands? Are they behaving in an unfamiliar way that you're not sure how to tackle? Schedule virtual assistance from our coaching team to help address specific concerns.

Meet Milan - The Founder

Milan ensures that you are the centre of your dogs world. He has taught many people how to interact with their dog using only positive methods which, in turn, builds a stronger bond between the dog and the owner.

He enjoys the satisfaction of witnessing dogs progress over time and has developed an obsession with helping more people improve their relationships with their dogs.  After all, we know how much joy a dog brings to a home.

Milan is currently studying with the ISCP, providing him with invaluable skills that enable him to work with dogs that require more specialised attention.

Training Videos

Bark and Hold

Door Knocking

Jeremy Cheung
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Milan came to see us for a consultation to assess my dogs behaviour. He was very professional and friendly and great with my dog. Settled his nerves very quickly and was extremely informative throughout. It made me feel very confident and assured that my dog was to receive the best advice possible. Milan answered any questions I had with full confidence and information. After discussion about what I wanted to achieve, I couldn’t wait to sign up for a program. Highly recommend him.
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Absolutely amazing training session with Milan. Really knows his stuff about dogs and training. Has gave us so much confidence starting our training journey and Our dog already has learnt so much in the first session. Looking forward to the rest of the training
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I was searching for a dog trainer for a while, as not many dog trainers wanted to work with Betsy. She didn’t recall, jumping up, pulling and didn’t listen around other dogs. Milan helped me understand the way she behaves is just a response to my behaviour towards her. His patience while working out the best approach for Betsy shows his tenacity for dog training. Betsy still needs a lot of work but we are definitely going in the right direction. I strongly recommend Milan if you need help with understanding your dog
Carly Wilkinson
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Could not recommend this guy enough for dog training. Previously we had our dog sent away for two weeks training which was both expensive and stressful, and we can honestly say that we made more progress in a one hour session with Milan than we did from the residential. Milan is a professional and really knows what he’s doing. We also love that after every session we receive a detailed message recapping everything we have went through and also homework to carry on the training between sessions. Highly highly recommended.
Amraj Gill
Amraj Gill
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Hands down the best trainer I have met, very professional, and most importantly knows his craft inside out would recommend to anyone that has any breed size and age. Most trainers no matter how good they say they are, after the session you get a write up of what you have learned and a helpful point to remind you how to practice this with dog.

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