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Milan ensures that you are the centre of your dogs world. He has taught many people how to interact with their dog using only positive methods which, in turn, builds a stronger bond between the dog and the owner.

He enjoys the satisfaction of witnessing dogs progress over time and has developed an obsession with helping more people improve their relationships with their dogs.  After all, we know how much joy a dog brings to a home.

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Helping dog owners across the North East

Milan has helped many dog owners across the North East and continues to do so

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Nilofer Sabrine
Nilofer S.
14:32 02 Aug 22
Can’t recommend Milan highly enough. Extremely professional, caring and patient. I have 2 golden retrievers one of which is highly strung. Milan has given me loads of advice to help and despite me not always being able to stick to it 100% because “life sometimes gets in the way” he never gives up or makes me feel a failure.Never patronising or condescending. Wouldn’t go with anyone else.
adam garrity
adam G.
16:18 31 Jul 22
We have a beautiful little girl our Rosie Little patterdale terrier but unfortunately she's a little nervous towards other dogs and reacts by barking ,also when people knock at our door she barks ,and she's very ball possessive jumping up when I have the ball in my hand ,with milan help she no longer jumps up and sits and waits also with door still a lot of hard work to put in towards other dogs but milan has give me and wife the confidence to teach Rosie how to react towards other dogs .
Lifan Zhang
Lifan Z.
07:52 31 Jul 22
I would definitely recommend Milan!! He knows dogs very much! He just has a magic that makes my dog to love him so much. He has few magic pockets in his vest and always can throw something that makes my dog looks like: 🤩😋😍. He’s my dog’s Top 3 best friend.
TSM Kerr
10:09 29 Jul 22
Great service. Milan was so patient with me ,superb training,my dogs are getting better every day. Thank you so much.
Marilyn Killen
Marilyn K.
14:19 27 Jul 22
Having recently bought a Cavapoo puppy we decided to get professional help with her training and chose Smart Dogs to help us . We are delighted with the results achieved with Milan’s advice and support . He guided us from our incorrect training habits to positive ones and the results have been terrific .We could not be happier and would not hesitate to recommend Milan to others needing assistance with training .
Mark Macciocchi
Mark M.
12:42 27 Jul 22
Milan’s patient, knowledgeable and hands-on guidance and training has transformed our walks with our Labrador Frank. What used to be a frustrating time (as he is such a strong, excitable young dog) has been transformed into a relaxing, enjoyable experience.We have moved from having to walk Frank on a strong harness with constant pulling towards distractions to being able to relax, only use a collar and walk with a loose lead the whole time.We still have some points to improve but Milan has given us guidance on how we can achieve these further goals on our own going forward.We are also well on the way to having his recall working well and with practice I’m confident we can achieve that too.None of this would have been possible without Milan’s help, his style of teaching is great, he is always available on what’s app to offer ad hoc guidance + encouragement and our dog loves him.Thank you so much for your hard work Milan. I highly, highly recommend Smart Dogs Training and am planning to be in touch again in the future for further advanced training and guidance.Thank you!
Catherine Curry
Catherine C.
16:41 24 Jul 22
Amazing dog training !smart dogs worked with my nervous dog Lola and tailored a plan to work for her which has made her much more confident , training support is on hand at all times and myself and Lola are excited for the future as she has progressed so much already! Highly recommend 🙂
Elouise Rugg
Elouise R.
08:33 19 Jul 22
We're so pleased with how well our puppy has progressed since we've been seeing Milan. He constantly goes above and beyond to make sure our pup is getting the best treatment and we're doing what works for him. Worth every penny and my only regret is not seeing Milan sooner! Thanks so much for your expert advice and guidance - would highly recommend!
Camilla Garrick
Camilla G.
12:47 18 Jul 22
Milan has worked miracles on my dog! He’s gone from being anxious and aggressive to focused and chilled on walks. Worth every penny!
Dionne Payne
Dionne P.
16:49 06 Jul 22
Excellent dog trainer and super knowledgeable. We would not be where we are now if we hadn't of contacted Smart Dogs Training. Our American bullie had severe anxiety due to lack of socialisation as a pup with her previous owner. With Milan's help, we're thankfully on the right path for a positive future for our beautiful girl. I highly recommend using Smart Dogs Training 👍
Annette Foreman
Annette F.
07:41 05 Jul 22
Reggie is an 18 month old Rottie. He’s a big 9 stone lad and has some behavioural issues that I needed further support and guidance on. I needed the training and not Reggie.We are now 3 121 classes in, and both the guidance and support from Milan has been incredible. We’ve conquered lead walking, and he’s starting to look at me when there’s a dog close by (this is Reggie’s Nemesis)I’m continuing my training from Milan, as I’m so inspired by his teaching method, and how he has trained Milo. Reggie will have fantastic manners in time I’m sure!
Lisa Watling
Lisa W.
15:25 27 Jun 22
Id happily recommend this guy to anyone needing help to resolve any issues they’re having with their dog. He’s deffo helped me with mine!I was introduced to Milan initially when my Rottie puppy (called Ruby) was only 6 months old (she’s now 20 months old). In her initial puppy stages I was desperate to have a dog trainer to teach me the ways of raising a dog alone with as much personality and stubbornness as Ruby does ha. I had previous experience with raising a golden retriever pup but not with a Rottie - opposite ends of the spectrum to say the least!I have worked with Milan since Ruby was 6 months and still continue to rely on his help and guidance!! The initial months of Milan helping me with were so so hard for me to cope with as I had moved house to live alone, had to work from home for covid and manage with her too. Throughout this time not only did Milan continue to help me with every issue I came across (there was a lot over the time ha) but he also went above and beyond to show support and understanding for my mental health too. He could really relate to how I was feeling as he explained he had been in my shoes before but with his own dog Milo and knew how it felt! This compassion really show me through helping me with rubys behaviour.One of the main things I love about Milan’s approach to dog training is that he really understands the importance of getting to know the individual dogs mind based on their own personality and that he doesn’t rely on blanket approaches for different breeds (which I have experienced some other dog trainers do in the past!). He’s so good at understanding Ruby in ways I feel like I never will!Milan has been great the entire time I’ve relied on his help and I will probably always continue to do so too.
lauren askwith
lauren A.
15:18 13 Jun 22
I’ve just finished a 4-week training course with Milan. Having previously worked with other trainers and finding not a lot of progress on my GSD Zeus, and instead often resulting in frustration on both our parts. Milan made the training personal and was relatable using successful scenarios from training his own dog. The training was very informative and helped me see into the mindset of Zeus and understand certain behaviours in order to correct them. In four weeks we have had a lot a progress and I’m noticing improved behaviours in all aspects of Zeus’ life even on areas we weren’t specifically targeting. Overall, I feel more confident and Zeus is a happier dog, I reached out to Milan because I wanted to give Zeus a more enriched lifestyle suited to his needs and I feel I have achieved that with Smart Dogs. I look forward to see where this ongoing journey takes us.
13:38 07 Jun 22
Currently training Monika, 6 month old Malinois, with Milan. Excellent training and support on our long journey. Couldn’t do it without him. Would definitely recommend and in particular for this breed. Thanks!
Janet Hutchinson
Janet H.
18:50 23 May 22
After a telephone conversation with one of the team at Smart Dogs, I was able to implement the advice given to aid with my dog’s recent behaviour concern. Thankfully the suggestions solved the problem. I was so grateful for their support.
Christine Vent
Christine V.
17:18 16 May 22
Our blue Staffie Zeus loves spending time with Milan and Milo. Milan has trained Zeus since he was 5 months and he now walks Zeus twice a week. The proof is in the pudding, Zeus is sooooo excited when he knows Milan is on his way and he comes home happy and tired, always a good sign! I love that Milan keeps me updated on Zeus's progress and follows each training session with written actions for us to follow as a family until the next session, giving consistency to Zeus and to us all. If you are looking for a trainer or walker then look no further!
Brenda Patterson
Brenda P.
11:36 15 May 22
Had Milan out for one session with our very nervous sproker Oakley he has done wonders, would not hesitate to ask him for more help and advice and would definitely recommend him to any fellow dog owners
Catherine Burrows
Catherine B.
15:18 13 May 22
Highly recommend Smart Dogs Training. In just two sessions Milan has not only provided me with the tools and knowledge needed to manage my dog more effectively, but also the confidence to implement them. I have already seen a huge improvement in loose lead walking and barking at the window/door. Milan is very calm, friendly and professional. He listens and explains everything very clearly. He is supportive and encouraging - always responsive to messages, and checks in regularly to see how we are doing.
Vinay P
Vinay P
13:13 13 May 22
Milans been a big help and has always been there to support us with any questions we have, seen vast improvements over short period of time. Would highly recommend!
Sharon Walker
Sharon W.
16:12 07 May 22
Had first meeting with Milan, my dog is a work in progress but I feel confident that with Smart Dogs Training he wil be great and I might be too... Milan really knows what he's talking about and is great at advising you what your doing wrong but also what your doing right. I was so pleased that our first meeting was in my house, and despite being a bit further away, Milan went the extra effort to cone to me, i can't wait for the 2nd session.
Gemma Myhill
Gemma M.
20:19 04 May 22
Although both my husband and I had dogs when growing up, we'd never had an English Springer Spaniel before! We had read lots of books and watched videos on how to help train our new puppy but after the initial first few weeks of cuteness we quickly realised we needed a bit more help. We chose Milan based on his positive reinforcement method of training as we really wanted to steer clear of any forceful methods.Right from the beginning Milan really listened to what we felt we needed help with and within the first session Odie was already practicing leave it command, recall and loose leash walking. It quickly became apparent that we had been rewarding lots of negative behaviours such as giving a treat to him if he dropped something that he shouldn't have picked up (even though the books stated this!)Milan is highly professional in everything he does and Odie loves his training sessions, he's so calm with him which rubs off of Odie. We love that Milan comes out to our home to see Odie and can see him in his natural environment, which helps us to put all the training into practice. Milan is always making sure we understand what he's teaching us before we move on to anything new and checks in regularly on WhatsApp to keep up to date with progress or any problems we need help with.Odie has great recall now and knows lots of commands, we've been able to manage his behaviour much better within the home too. Walks with Odie weren't really enjoyable as he used to pull all the time but now we really enjoys these.If you want a trainer who genuinely cares about helping you manage your dogs behaviour better and one that really does go above and beyond to support you with any training issues then Milan is the person!
Val Wonnacott
Val W.
18:42 04 May 22
Had a great 121 session with Milan. His training of me is working really well and my dog reacting well. Makes absolute sense and a really nice guy. He doesn't make you feel stupid but does explain where you are going wrong and why. Would highly recommend!
Bill Heron
Bill H.
15:47 04 May 22
Milan is a godsend,explained & showed me how to train my own dog.Makes understanding the process quite easy.
Jane Clark
Jane C.
11:52 03 May 22
Great first session with my Frenchie Ivy, she really enjoyed it.Milan made it so enjoyable, easy to understand and his teaching method is outstanding.Would highly recommend him if you have any dog training needs.
bernadette kovacs
bernadette K.
11:35 26 Apr 22
My little pooch and I had a one to one training session. Really positive experience for both of us, with directions fully explained including why and how it would work for my dog. Had a follow up video chat check-in from Milan which covered reviewing initial session and adding further work to complete. I would absolutely recommend Milan to help teach both you and your dog to get the best out of your canine/ human relationship. Looking forward to further sessions!
lauren burr
lauren B.
21:01 23 Apr 22
i got my 1 year and 7 month old belgian malinious/sibrarian husky started with smart dogs just yesterday working on recall, already seeing major response off leash coming back to me even with some distractions after 1 day! 100% recommend. Milan and Milo are great
Ivan Wright
Ivan W.
19:04 16 Apr 22
Would thoroughly recommend, have already noticed difference after first session, absolutely top class ,also Milan a top guy cheers mate.
A Kalra
A K.
08:25 13 Apr 22
Wow, Milan was fantastic with my 8 week old puppy today! My puppy wasn’t taking to his crate. Within one session i learnt so much and the puppy is now fast asleep inside his crate. Milan really knows his stuff! I have gone from being overwhelmed and consumed to believing that I CAN train my puppy and still have a life during the process. I am so so impressed and I most definitely will continue working with Milan over the next few months as my puppy grows. Thanks ever so much for all your help, I truly appreciate it 🙏🏽
Beth Boyd
Beth B.
17:28 05 Apr 22
Would highly recommend Smart Dogs Training….after just 1 session and putting into place the things Milan went through with us there has been a massive improvement….thankyou 😊
Amy Powell
Amy P.
09:04 04 Apr 22
Milan was amazing. He taught us ways to control my 2 year old cockapoo. She was showing signs of aggression and barking and pulling on the lead, within a hour appointment I seen an improvement in her behaviour. She needs a lot more practicing walking but he’s shown me ways to reward good behaviour rather than telling her no when she’s showing bad behaviour. Will definitely recommend to anyone who needs some help!
Liz Wilkinson
Liz W.
19:04 03 Apr 22
Milan is a true professional. He has been very patient with our training and explains how and why you are doing what you’re doing. Our challenging Malinois has really improved with his listening and indoor behaviour - something we didn’t think we’d get to see!! Great and regular contact via WhatsApp. Would recommend him to anyone.
Allyson Bell
Allyson B.
17:24 03 Apr 22
Milan is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Wouldn't use anyone else, highly recommended.
Jamie Lawson
Jamie L.
21:16 31 Mar 22
I would highly recommend Milan from Smart dogs training, we needed someone who understood large breed dogs and not only how to train the dog but to train us to work alongside the dog.Milan is excellent in what he does… I noticed a massive change in Bruno the next day on his walk, I was thinking to my self Bruno have you been having my life all this time.. But no it was all Milan showing us how to handle, play and also learn new things.Milan I can not thank you enough. :)Jamie and mikey
Ashna Vaghela
Ashna V.
08:19 21 Mar 22
Great online lesson, Milan is patient and answered all my questions! Will be contacting him again for further asistence on my pup! Experienced and uses his experience to help any situation. Thank you!
Dan M
Dan M
09:59 10 Mar 22
Absolutely amazing!!! Can’t recommend Milan enough.Had two sessions so far, as booking more, and already seeing massive changes in Alfie.Milan is very friendly, positive and you can tell he loves his job and this is shown in the results I am already getting!! Gone from having a 6 month old cocker spaniel that was like a fish on a string trying to walk him, pulling and bolting forward almost pulling my arm out of joint and nightmare to walk, to now having a calm and responsive puppy and fun to walk all after one hour !!Already looking forward to next session
debra farrell
debra F.
21:19 06 Mar 22
I asked Milan for some help with my frenchies recall and leash walking and after just 1 hour the progress we made was fantastic, I will defo be continuing what we learnt and will see Milan again for sure , 100% recommended by myself and little Alfred , thanks Milan xx
Stacey Matheron
Stacey M.
10:54 24 Feb 22
Great session with lots of tips to help our excitable giant breed puppy - thank you!
Hannah G
Hannah G
21:41 07 Feb 22
We've had two sessions so far with Milan and there's has been a vast change in my 10 month old frenchie.Milan is so professional and quickly identified the things we needed to work on with our dog. He explains things clearly and the sessions are maximised to get the most out of them - plus they're fun and engaging, our dog loves them. The improvement in his behaviour and obedience in a short space of time has been incredible.Couldn't recommend Milan enough if you need help with your dog.
19:50 07 Feb 22
Milan is a great trainer, he was excellent with my dog and very patient when explaining training techniques to me. He made sure I knew exactly how to progress with the training and sent me a summary after the session for reference. I was left feeling confident in my abilities and the positive impact on my dogs life going forward.
Ethan Roche
Ethan R.
18:27 07 Feb 22
Very clear and easy to understand in the way they guide you in the right direction on what to do in order to achieve what you want to achieve with your dog.
Anna Langguth
Anna L.
20:50 01 Feb 22
We had our first session with Milan as we were unsure where to turn with our young Labrador and wanted some 1:2:1 advice on his behaviour. After one session we felt immediately comfortable and it has already given us a new found confidence with our lab and we will continue to work with Milan.
Susan Dunn
Susan D.
21:20 31 Jan 22
We would highly recommend Smart Dogs Training. Following an initial consultation we booked in 5 sessions to help us train our 1 year old dog particularly with excessive pulling on the lead and distractions. Milan has taught us the skills and techniques needed to continue with our training and has tailored the training to suit what works best for our dog. Milan is calm and patient and always makes sure you are clear with the homework set after each session. Thank you Milan.
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